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Pollinator Bed Kick-Off

Added on 17 November 2023

The recent announcement that CCT had been successful in its application to the Highand Council Nature Restoration Fund completed the funding package required to implement a high impact 'pollinator bed' on Culbokie Green. Funds have also been received from the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Finnis Scott Foundation towards this project which will bring colour and life to the area.

The project was discussed at a Kick-Off meeting between members of CCT and Jay Jay Gladwin of Black Isle Garden Designs on 16th November. It was exciting to discuss the range of attractive plants that could be used that will not only attract a wide range of pollinators but will also be robust, ground covering and manageable.

The pollinator bed will cover an area of around 150m2 and is located on the upper part of Culbokie Green in the area shown on the map. It will be designed and implemented by Jay Jay with assistance from CCT volunteers. Preparation will take place of the winter and the planting will take place in early spring.


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