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Strong Heart, Healthy Community

Our Story

The Culbokie Community Trust (CCT) was formally created on 30th June 2014.  It is a company limited by guarantee which exists to serve the interests of the whole community.  The community is defined by 29 post codes (see below) spanning the village and 2-3 Km beyond.  

Around the end of 2011 a small group of residents, supported by the Ferintosh Community Council, conducted a community survey to find out what people think about Culbokie and how they would like to see it develop and improve.  You can see the original community survey summary of results (PDF) as it was published in the Noticeboard community newsletter in April 2012.

An informal group called the Culbokie Development Group came together and started putting into action some of the smaller ideas that came from that consultation.  This group quickly evolved into the Culbokie Community Trust and began work on a larger project to address the issues that had been raised - the Glascairn Community Project.

CCT’s founding documents list five purposes which must be exercised following the principles of sustainable development as follows:

  • Managing community land for the benefit of  the community  
  • Improving recreational facilities and activities
  • Advancing community development
  • Advancing community education about its environment, culture, heritage and history
  • Enhancing environmental protection

View the CCT's Articles of Association(PDF)

Why have a Trust?

Being a more formal group with the right governance structure means the CCT is in a stronger position to carry out bigger projects and is accountable to its membership.

Who runs the Trust?

CCT is currently being run by a Board of volunteer Directors.  An Extraordinary General Meeting held on 2 December 2014 elected its first Board of Directors; you can find out who the current Directors are here. There is provision in our governing document (PDF) for a maximum of  twelve Directors of whom nine must be full members. One may be appointed by Ferintosh Community Council and up to two members can be co-opted to ensure the Board has all the right skills.

CCT aspires to work with the many groups already providing excellent services and facilities in the village. It wishes to be a positive force for good, taking on projects that respond to community needs and working with all the different sections of the community for common cause. 

The community of Culbokie is defined by the following postcodes:

IV7 8FP, IV7 8FN, IV7 8GW, IV7 8GX, IV7 8GY, IV7 8GZ, IV7 8HU, IV7 8JB, IV7 8JD, IV7 8JF, IV7 8JH, IV7 8JJ, IV7 8JL, IV7 8JN, IV7 8JP, IV7 8JQ, IV7 8JR, IV7 8JS, IV7 8JW, IV7 8JX, IV7 8JY, IV7 8JZ, IV7 8LA, IV7 8LB, IV7 8LF, IV7 8LS, IV7 8NA, IV7 8NB, IV7 8ND, IV7 8NE & IV7 8NF

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