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Learning About Meadows on Cubokie Green

Learning About Meadows on Cubokie Green

Added on 20 March 2023

A group of 15 people gathered at Am Fasgadh Shelter on Culbokie Green on Thursday 14th March to learn all about wildflower meadows - why they're important, how to create them and how to manage them. The group included mainly local residents from Culbokie who are involved in the meadow being created at Culbokie Green or who want to try to create their own meadow at home. There was also one trainee frm Cromarty who is creating a flower meadow on the Cromarty Links. The course was delivered by Marcia O'Hara from High Life Highland. It was great fun with lots of interaction, games and quizzes and some great information. We learned about why Yellow Rattle is called the 'meadow maker', that there are over 270 species of bees in the UK and that 97% of meadows in the UK have been lost since world war 2 .... and much more. We all went home inspired!

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