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Halloween on the Green

Halloween on the Green

Added on 26 September 2023

Halloween on the Green 

Thanks to all the ghosties, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, warlocks and assorted supernatural citizens of Culbokie who joined us for Halloween on the Green last Saturday. It was great to see around a hundred of you enjoying the storytelling, crafting, spell writing, treasure hunt and spooky procession - as well as the official opening of Culbokie Green by Cllr Lyndsey Johnston looking suitably witchy! 

Well done to our prize winners in the fancy dress and pumpkin carving.

You can read the selection of the spooky spells and revolting rhymes people created on the day below – just in time to inspire your turn for guising tonight!


‘Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin,

What shall we do? 

Skeleton, skeleton, skeleton,

Make a yummy stew!’ 

Ben (8) 


A spell to keep scary things away 

‘Toadstools in a cauldron, 

Fourleaf clover, 

Sheep poo and zombie blood, 

Crushed snails, 

Mix it up and let it boil!’ 

Tornie  & Pippa (6&7) 


‘When the moon glows bright

 The werewolves bite 

In the middle of the night!’ 

Lucy Rose 


‘The eye of a toad 

The ear of a bat 

Then mix it up in a pot

Then start black!’ 



‘One Spooky night

All the zombies were out’ 

Maya (5) 


Halloween Haiku 

‘A headless man floats 

High above Culbokie Spar 

It really spooks me!’ 


‘Suzie of Casseley 

Remembered forever,

Especially today’ 

Allan Forsyth 


‘In Culbokie, the Green awakens with witches, spells and lanterns 

Under starry skies and moonlit mist, the People gather bright 

Whisper weave in ancient trees 

Where shadows dance with ghostly ease...’

Lyndsey Johnston 


‘In Culbokie whispers by twilight’s breath 

From ancient lore, a spell of death 

Shadows twist and moonbeams croon 

Echoes linger ‘neath the moon 

Whispered incantations an eerie toll 

Brew the magic dark to droil 

Culbokie secrets will unfold 

As the mysteries are told’ 

Lyndsey Johnston 


‘The wind blows cold – it’s Halloween 

All the monsters can be seen 

You shiver with fright

When they howl in the night’ 

Inara (7) 


‘Spells can be creepy 

But you can twist and turn

And make it happen 

1 four leaf clover 

2 witches’ eyeballs 

5 perfect leaves 

7 stonewarts 

The Good Luck Potion’ 



‘Hallo Hallo Hallo-ween 

Cast your magic on my dream 

Make me fast, make me strong 

Build my skills – don’t be wrong 

A professional footballer is what I hope to be!’ 

Aaron (9) 


‘Calling on the Sun, Moon and Stars in the sky 

To make a horse appear before my eyes 

It is my biggest wish, I hope it comes true, 

Because each day I am good and kind 

Just like you’ 

Mary Fraser (7) 

‘Autumn never leaves the Mountain of Terror 

Spring blooms eternal 

Annie blows in Culbokie forever’ 


This event is part of Celebrating Community Land Week and has been made possible by Community Land Scotland and by the Scottish International Storytelling Festival’s Big Scottish Story Ripple initiative. It’s being organised by Culbokie Community Trust volunteers and will also mark the official opening of the Culbokie Green, a space at the heart of the village where people and nature can mix.

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