Culbokie Lockdown Quilt

The CCT would like your help to make a Culbokie Lockdown Quilt.  The quilt will hang on the large gable wall in Findon Hall and provide a legacy of the community’s reflections on the experience of being in lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis. 

We have all had different experiences: some have been working as normal; some have been working in extraordinary circumstances; some have been self-isolating for months; children have not been at school; volunteers have been supporting those in need; the list is endless.  The days have been filled with baking, gardening, crafting, working from home, Zooming, Skyping, home-schooling - all manner of activities. 

If you can express your experience in a picture or a word or phrase, then we would like you to contribute to the quilt by creating a patch decorated with something that represents your ‘story’. 

All the patches will be gathered and sewn together by a group of local quilting experts to create the Culbokie Lockdown Quilt.  No special skills are required to make a patch, just the ability to measure accurately and cut out the right size of patch.  You can view the instructions online or download and print them.  

All patches must be submitted by the 30th September 2020. 

There are other ways you can be involved in the project: 

  • Provide a group patch by working with a group you are a member of to create one (or more) patches that represent the group's experience of lockdown.
  • Buddy a patch-maker to make their patch.

The project was inspired by some previous projects which you may like to read about: 

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Below are some early contributions from our experts - we don't expect this high standard from everyone.  Keep checking this page, more will be added to give you inspiration.

An example of applique from Beryl
An example of applique from Beryl
An example of a 'patchwork' patch from Wendy
An example of a 'patchwork' patch from Wendy
Thought behind the patch: the sunny yellow centre is my home where, if I stay there, I will be safe. The squares outside my home are hiding viruses, mostly in the nasty dark places, but at least one sky blue square also has viruses, so I can't be sure when I will come upon one. But there is hope, a future, and life even though they are all less clearly defined than the virus squares.
An example of 'log cabin' technique from Beryl
An example of 'log cabin' technique from Beryl
An example of a knitted patch from Carolyn.
An example of a knitted patch from Carolyn.
The knitted patch is 20cm x 20cm square and it will be attached to a piece of fabric 24cm x 24cm so it can be stitched into the quilt.

Carolyn's square was motivated by the rainbows that adorned windows across the world during the pandemic, signifying a sign of light and hope. They lift our spirits in the dark times of the virus and by sewing four rainbow squares together I wanted to show that we are all in this together to the four corners of the world.
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