Culbokie School - group photos


Delivery of bird seed as part of the Ferintosh Environment Group's activities. Added May 2021

We would welcome names to accompany these photographs.



Unfortunately I can not credit the source of this photograph and would welcome the completion of the names. Added May 2021

Sue Hughan Miss MacDonald, Alasdair (Gabby)McLennan, ?, Isaac McPhee, Maureen Ross(behind), John McPhee, ?, John McCulloch, Angus Bethune, Isobel Connor, John McLennan?, Sandra Bethune, Mr Smith, Alison(?)Maclennan.
Morris McLennan, Donald James Mackenzie, Hamish Dingwall, Robert McCulloch, Jennifer Tolmie, Sue Bethune, Moira McCallum.
Annie Picket, ?, Libby MacIntyre, Eric McCallum, Charles Ross, Marion McCallum, Irene Cameron.
Can anyone fill the gaps?


Back to front and left to right. Updated March 2021

Iain Kerr, George Sinclair, Donna Sinclair, Stewart Wallace.

Rob Gilchrist, Shaun Bethune, Barry MacLennan, Scott Bremner, Derek McCulloch, Ian Stewart.

Stella Keith nee Dudek, Nevelle Rolfe, Alison Fiona Jack, Mrs D Campbell, Caroline Lyall, Elaina Hermitage, Chrysanne MacPhee.


Back to front and left to right.

Jane Thornton, Rob Gilchrist, Caroline Lyall, Elaina Hermitage, Shaun Bethune, Catherine Gilchrist.

Gavin Bremner, Douglas Milne, Eric Taylor, Scott Bremner, George Sinclair, Hamish Kerr, David McCulloch, Mark Stevenson.

Sara Stevenson, Donna Brown, Julie Hermitage, Mr K Pearson, Ann McCulloch, Lesley Bremner, ??

1952 - details provided by Jane Mackenzie.

A: Irene Gordon B: Nancy Mahany C:Jean Macaskill D: ? MacPhee E: Hazel Rankine F: Lottie MacPhee G: Sally Wylie H: Isobel Mackenzie I: Rosebell Dingwall J: Helen Noble

K: Billy Mackenzie L: Peter ? Maclennan M: Jim Maclennan N: Jane Mackenzie O: Margaret Bethune P: Cathie MacPhee Q: George Maclennan R: Kenneth Taylor S: Raymond Bethune

T: Miss Mackenzie - Maryburgh - Teacher U: Fraser Maclennan V: Harry Bremner W: Brian Bremner X: George Mackenzie Y: Russell Maclennan Z: Alister Maclennan Za: Leslie Taylor

Culbokie Primary School c1890 Mr. Alex Fowler - photo courtesy Angus Bethune.


January 2018 Some suggested names - in the back row 4th is Jim Tolmie and 5th is Jimmy Cameron. In the front row 3rd is Derek Gordon, 4th is June Morrison, 5th is Mary Maclaren and 6th Morris Jack. Miss Fowler is on the right.

Please let us have some more names now that we have got you started.

Culbokie School 1938/39

Back row – Alick Beaton, Jimmie MacPherson, Jimmie Tolmie, Don Dingwall, John Jack, ?, Ian Forsyth, Willie Mackenzie, Calum MacDonald, Willie Fowler, Jimmie Cameron, ?, Don Dingwall, Ginger Anderson, Roddie MacLaughlan.

Second row – Ethel Cameron, Joy MacCulloch, Nancy Spence, Patsy Anderson, Iris Cameron, Betty MacLaughlan, Janet Ross, ?, Jean Sprunt, Sheila MacDonald, ?, Lena Dingwall, Betty Nicol, Isobel Beaton, Florence Jack.

Third row – Morris Jack, June Morrison, George Beaton, ?, ?, ?, ?, Hilda MacKay, Billy Sprunt, Primrose Spence, Willie Cameron, Margaret Fowler, Willie Fraser, ?, John Stewart.

Fourth row - ?, ?, Charlie MacPhee, ?, Lena MacPhee, ?, Vivienne Nicol, ?, Gordon MacGregor, Alick Nicol, Dereck Gordon, Billy MacKay

Fifth row – Hector MacLennan, Richard Spence, Evan Jack, Christie Tolmie, Ali MacLennan, John MacKenzie, Frank Beaton, Sandy Sergeant, ?, ?, Donnie Cameron.

Following on from the success of learning the names of the Tug-of-war team and the Ladies Football team we are asking for any of the missing names in the Culbokie School photograph of 1938-39.

Deidre Swanson nee Morrison has contacted us to say that the photo of her mother, June Morrison - 3rd row, 2nd left, is the first photograph of her mother as a child that she has seen. June also appears in the 1936 photograph (above) and this will be identified shortly. (Jan. 2018)

Photo courtesy Mr. A Beaton

School choir at Dingwall Town Hall Music Festival 1952/53

Front row, left to right:
Kenny Taylor, Rosemary Fowler, Jean MacAskill, Cathie MacPhee, Jane MacKenzie, Rose MacVinish, Kathleen Gillan, Margaret Bethune, Billy MacKenzie
Back row:
Bella MacPhee, Jesma MacAskill, Maxwell Gordon, Harry MacLennan, Ken Thow, Sandy MacKenzie, Andrew Fraser, Sarah MacPhee, Joan Taylor

1952/53 Infant room - taken at the rear of the original Findon Hall

Front row, left to right:Leslie Taylor, Isabel Sinclair-Mackenzie, Hazel Rankine, Nancy Mahaney, Lottie MacPhee,? MacPhee, Jane MacKenzie, Jean MacAskill, Irene Gordon, Harry Bremner.

2nd row: Kenny Taylor, Roddy MacLennan, Harry MacLennan, Cathie MacPhee, Margaret Bethune, Ann Armstrong, Maxwell Gordon,Iain MacLennan, Jimmy Fraser.

3rd row: Russel MacLennan, George Mackenzie, Raymond Bethune, Billy Mackenzie, Brian Bremner, Alister MacLennan Miss MacKenzie (teacher), Laburnum, Maryburgh

Culbokie Primary School, 1961

The following information has been provided by Angus Bethune, formerly Glentyan. The photograph came about as a result of an exchange of information through Facebook and was provided by Effie Finlay. Angus considers the date to be summer 1961 (he is off the photo on the right!). A question has been raised as to why Elizabeth (Totsie) Mackenzie isn't in the photograph. It has now been suggested that this could be a Sunday School picnic - hence the icecreams. Also, could the lady on the left (S) be Marjory MacIntyre?

There are some gaps in Angus's identification, such as K, and S. Don't worry about L as he/she is invisible!

A  Sandy Finlay, Findon Cottage; B  Susan Bethune, Glentyan; C  definitely Robert MacCulloch, Holly Cottage; D  George Wylie, Blairtua; E  Charles Ross, Craiglea; F  Rosemary MacIntyre, Netherton; G  John MacCulloch, Holly Cottage; H  I understand that this is Effie Finlay; I  Sandra Bethune, Badrain; J  Mrs Finlay, Findon Cottage; K  No recollection; L  the invisible man??!!; M  Billy MacCulloch, Teanagairn Cottage; N  George MacLennan, Meikle Findon; O  Annabel MacCulloch, Teanagairn Cottage; P  Christine  MacLennan, Meikle Findon: Q  Ellis McIntosh; R  Alison MacLennan, Meikle Findon; S  No recollection.

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