Glascairn is the area around the Culbokie Shop and Post Office.  The Glascairn Community Project refers to the community-led initiative to create a vibrant new village heart providing opportunities and services for everyone in the village.

Culbokie village is very spread out, has no real centre and in the last 30 years has grown beyond the services that are currently available.  Culbokie Community Trust (CCT) aims to put the heart back into the village for those that live here, and also to bring in friends and neighbours from the surrounding area to use the new services and help support the other businesses and facilities that already exist.

Following extensive community consultation, CCT purchased 0.5ha of land in the corner of the field nearest to the shop in May 2015, through the Community Right to Buy Scheme.

The first phase of work will be the development of a landscaped open space for the village as a focal point for a range of actvities. This will include gardens, paths and seats, a gathering space, various activitity spaces and growing spaces.

In the longer term there will also be a new community facililties building to complete the village hub. This will house a cafe, a health room and business rental space or hot-desking opportunities. It will also include some flexible space for community and social activities and a covered space for outdoor activities. CCT plan a programme of activities based at the hub focussing on the range of different needs and to encourage mixing of different age groups. 

CCT is also working with Cairn Housing towards the development of additional affordable housing in the village on community owned land. This will be available to those most in need on the Highland Housing Register - young or old - and is likley to be allocated to those with a local connection.

CCT is working closely with Tulloch Homes who will be developing the adjacent housing site. View or download the design plan (PDF) for both the housing development and the community project.







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