Culbokie Green

Culbokie Green will be a car-free haven in the heart of the village providing a community gathering space, a local destination for informal recreation or just an off-road walking route through part of the village. The Green has been designed to be attractive to all sections of the community with the following features:

  • Meadows which will be cut once or twice per year to promote flowering and encourage butterflies and bees

  • Mown areas suitable for playing and to keep the Green looking tidy

visual of village green and hub building

  • Winding paths with bench seating to encourage people to stop, rest and chat

  • Native trees to provide some shelter, amenity and wildlife interest

  • A community orchard including apples, pears, cherries and plums as a focus for community involvement and to promote engagement with local food

  • A timber shelter with a natural roof which will be a focal point for community events and learning

Visual of the timber shelter

  • Family games including outdoor table tennis

  • example of willow play areaA natural play area for younger children including log and boulder features, willow dens and tunnels.
  • Safe active travel connectivity to the rest of the village

Volunteering will be promoted to help with the creation and upkeep of the Green. This will provide a positive opportunity to bring the community together, develop and share skills and build local capacity. Volunteer involvement may allow savings on the full commercial price of upkeep that has been considered within the financial assessment.



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