03 July 2020
Orienteering course available again

The Scottish Orienteering Association (with approval from the Scottish Government through Sport Scotland) has approved the use of Permanent Orienteering Courses although it doesn’t look like organised events will be allowed any time soon.

The permanent orienteering course in Culbokie Wood is therefore available for individuals and family groups to use. Here’s a very good video that explains how to use it.


First of all download and print your own map. It shows the location of the 27 control posts that are scattered throughout Culbokie Wood. The simplest idea is to draw a series of straight lines from either of the two start points (S1 or S2), connect up several control posts and finish back at the start. Then go find them. Check the correct number on each post when (and if) you find them.

Don’t try to include every control. Pick maybe six at one end of the wood to start with. Miss an obvious one out here and there. Make another one up tomorrow. Try going round in the opposite direction.

To get you started here are a few maps with relatively easy courses already marked on them.

  1. Short-course: 2018A; Distance: 2 km
  2. Short-course: 2018B; Distance: 2 km (Glascairn)
  3. Short-course: 2018F; Distance: 2.1 km
  4. Short-course: 2019B; Distance: 2.5 km
  5. Short-course: 2019C; Distance: 2.8 km

Please be mindful of other users of the wood. Don’t be running at people who are out for a quiet walk. You don’t have to run everywhere to do orienteering. It is all about map-reading.



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