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November 2021 - monthly report.

A conversation with Angus Bethune, who has a long family connection with Culbokie, has now established that the author of a map of the village compiled in c1976 was his mother, Mary, who ran the post office when it was located at the family house, Glentyan. The fact that it had been drawn on official Post Office poster should have made us more suspicious regarding Captain Elliot's involvement, who it was assumed to be the author. Mary produced it for the benefit of a postman who was based in Conon Bridge and whose round included Culbokie. Quite how it came into the possession of Captain Elliot is not known and gives rise to a further puzzle as Captain Elliot is shown as being in residence in his new-build property "St Martins" in the village and also out at the farm, St Martins, at the north-eastern boundary of the village. The map can be found in the Gallery here.

New material has been added to the Findon Hall page.
Photographs of the construction of the new Hall can be found here.
Photographs of the old Hall and a link to the opening of the new Hall in July 1975 can be found here.

A while back we published a better view of the pump and cow-tail well in the village centre; see Gallery, images 10 and 11, here which prompted the response of “man watching woman at work”. Recently a copy of the press report associated with the photograph has surfaced and can be accessed from the adjoining Gallery item.

November 2021

See Gallery for 3 images taken from an autograph book signed by Alick (Alexander) Fowler, son of the then headmaster William Fowler in February 1901.

A press cutting relating to the tug of war teams has come to light and it provided some missing names from a previous photograph.

Our regular contributor, Angus Bethune, has brought us up to date with some of the missing names from the 1964 photograph of the school choir that performed at the Mod along with class/school photographs of 1958, 1960 and 1962. Reproductions of press cuttings of the school prize lists from the 1960s will be found in the Gallery at the foot of the Village School page

A list of all the properties in the parish of Urquhart & Logie Wester that were liable to pay rent in 1951 can be found here or through the "Rural Life, Farming and Crofting" page. In Scots the title is "Teind Roll" and it provides an insight to the Community in 1951.

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