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The Culbokie Community Trust has recently set up a Community Forum. Community Forum members play an important role in the Culbokie Community Trust’s vision for Culbokie.  

The Forum is an informal body of primarily local residents drawn together for the specific purpose of constructively advising the Trust’s voluntary Board of Directors on decisions about specific parts of the Glascairn Community Project to create community facilities at the heart of Culbokie. Forum members may be young or old, working, retired or unemployed.  For instance they may be a builder, cook, teacher, farmer, solicitor, business person, stay at home parent or a volunteer play leader.  In fact, the more mixed and diverse the Forum, the more representative of the local community it is likely to be. The Forum is also open to non-residents with a significant interest in the Culbokie community. All Forum members will be well informed about, and take a healthy interest in, community issues and activities and be keen to see the project make a real difference to our community and the wider area.

Forum members can serve over the life of the project or dip in and out for parts that are of interest or relevant to their skills and experience. A Conflict of Interest Policy ensures that Forum members are not involved in decisions about work they may benefit from financially.



  • Attend an induction/launch session: Led by the Trust, this focuses on building an effective Forum, agreeing objectives, means of effective communication and helping you settle in to your new role.
  • Respond to Forum e-mails and on-line consultations.  Most correspondence will be through electronic methods and it is important you respond with your views timeously.  Those Forum members not consulted electronically will have an agreed method by which they can feed in their opinions.
  • Attend other Occasional Forum Meetings.  Although the intention is to consult electronically wherever possible, occasionally a physical meeting may be the most effective way to gather your views.



  • The precise number of Forum meetings will vary over the on-going stages of the project, be kept to an absolute minimum with most communication carried out electronically. It is estimated that one or two meetings a year may be required.    
  • The precise amount of Forum e-mails/surveys will vary over the on-going
  • stages of the project and depending which subject areas Forum members have opted in for.
  • The Trust promotes openness and transparency in its work and may make brief information about the Forum available on its website and through other promotional material.

Please contact Bruce Morrison on 877127 or e-mail communityforum@culbokiect.org if you would like further information about Community Forum or would like to join it.


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